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      In the prevailing COVID-19 Pandemic situation, it is notified that the conventional method of conducting examination of the Final Semester for regular and private students of UG/PG/M.Phil is not possible following the existing SOP issued by the Government of India/ Government of Tamilnadu. Subsequent to the directions of the Higher Education Department of Government of Tamilnadu, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University decided, as a one-time measure, that online mode of examination shall be adopted as an alternative mode for the final semester regular and private UG/PG/M.Phil students for April 2020 examination.

The following guidelines are issued for the smooth conduct of the online mode of examination.

Every student has to read and understand all the guidelines before the registration process for the examination.

Exam Schedule

     The time table for final semester examination for regular and private students shall be as notified in the University Web Portal / Communicated to all affiliated Colleges. The schedule given below shall be followed for all the examinations in the respective dates.


Downloading of

Question Paper

Exam Time to write

the exam in the Paper

Uploading /

Submitting of

Answer Scripts

M.Phil, PG, B.Sc

(Final       Semester

Regular and Private


9.30 am to 10.00 am

10.00 am to 1.00 pm

Up to 3 pm

B.A, B.Com, BBA (Final       Semester

Regular   and    Private


11.30 am to   12.00


12.00 noon  to  3.00


Up to 5 Pm

Prerequisite for the students

I. Desktop / Laptop / Mobile phone with internet connectivity to download question papers and upload the answer scripts.

2. Software/ app to convert the scanned/photographed images of all pages of the answer scripts into a single pdf file.

3. Students are advised to reside at home and take up the examinations.

Level 1: Registration

1. One time self-registration to the University portal is mandatory for all the regular and private students who have registered for the April 2020 examinations.

2. Registration Portal will be available on home page with a link -> Examinations -> Online from 16th September 2020.

3. Students need to sign up and enter the Examination Register Number as login id. The password shall be their date of birth in the given format.

4. In case of any change in phone number, the students should update the mobile number through the respective colleges.

Level 2: Preparing the Blank Answer Scripts before the examination.

1. Students can write the examinations in A4 ruled / plain paper in the format given. Students have to download

            a) The Front page of an answer script for each examination.
            b) The format, given in the second page.

2. Candidates can download these two pages from the University Portal at any day/time and make it ready before the commencement of examinations.

3. The answer booklet shall be prepared well in advance before the commencement of the examinations.

4. The maximum number of written pages shall be 40. Any answer which is written after the 40 pages will not be valued.

Level 3: Mock Test

1. To make the students familiar with the procedure of online mode of examination, a mock test will be conducted.

2. Mock examination Portal will be available in home page with a link -> Examinations -> Online from 16th September 2020 to 18th September 2020

3. After attending the mock test, Students may get clarification on the online examination from the online exam Coordinator of their college.

4. The question papers given for mock test are only indicative and may not be taken as a version based on real online mode of examination.

Level 4: Question Paper downloading

1. Question paper will be made available in the Online Mode examination portal in home page with a link -> Examinations -> Online 30 minutes before the commencement of each examination.

2. Login into the system is mandatory both at the time of downloading the question paper and at the time of uploading the answer scripts.

3. If any difficulty in downloading the question paper arises, students may request the online exam Coordinator of their respective colleges to get the same in their e-mail or mobile. However, the request of the student may be entertained only on verification in case of an emergency.

Level 5: Answering the Question Paper

1. The students shall take up their online mode examination by residing at home.

2. The total duration of the examination will be 3 hours.

3. Differently-abled students shall be given an additional one hour to complete the examination.

4. Students shall use only Blue or Black pen for the examination.

Level 6: Submission procedure

1. Students may upload the answer scripts in the online examination portal.

2. In case of any difficulty, Students may submit the answer scripts in the college where they study.

3. In case of non-reachability, Students may submit the answer scripts in the nearby college, affiliated to Manonmaniam Sundaranar University.

4. However, in the present pandemic circumstances, online submission is mostly encouraged, and students are advised not to move out frequently.

Level 7: Uploading the answer Scripts

1. The students shall scan/photograph all pages of the answer script, including the front page and convert that into a single pdf file.

2. Ensure proper order of page number of the pdf file before uploading the answer script within a stipulated time.

3. Differently abled candidates who are exempted from the payment of examination fees by the university alone shall be given an additional one hour to upload the scanned answer scripts.

4. Before making the final submission, the pdf file view will be provided to verify the content and the page order.

5. Once the answer script in the form of pdf file is uploaded, no further changes can be made.

6. On successful submission of the answer scripts, acknowledgment will be sent to the registered mobile number.

7. After completion of all the examinations, all answer scripts along with the University Submission Slip downloaded shall be sent to:

The Controller of Examinations

Manonmaniam Sundaranar University Tirunelveli — 627012

Phone: 0462-2563121

Level 8: Submission of Answer scripts in the colleges

1. Students who could not upload the answer scripts may submit the written answer scripts either in the college of study or in the nearby college affiliated to Manonmaniam Sundaranar University before the stipulated time.

2. The answer scripts should be placed inside a thick cover (Preferably A4 size Cloth lined cover). And, the cover should be pasted appropriately and signed by the student.

3. The student should take two photocopies (Xerox) of the front page of the answer script

4. The student should paste one copy of the front page in the cover.

5. The student, in person, should reach the respective/nearby college. Only Students shall submit the answer scripts. Representative of the students will not be permitted to submit the answer scripts on behalf of the students, whatever may be the reason.

6. The online exam coordinator of the college will verify the ID card of the student and then receive the packed answer script and sign the second copy of the front page as an acknowledgment.

7. The Students have to keep the acknowledgments for future reference.

8. All the standard operating procedures (SOP) issued by the Government of India / Government of Tamil Nadu in view of the COVID-19 pandemic situation must be followed. The students must cooperate with the college management in this regard.

Role of the colleges

1. The colleges shall assign a Coordinator for smooth conduct of online mode of examinations. The Coordinator will be interacting with the office of the COE, MSU.

2. Department wise nodal officer shall also be appointed to manage all the activities related to the online mode of examinations.

3. The Department wise nodal officer shall confirm the mobile number of the students, both regular and private, those who appear for the April 2020 examinations, 'to the office of the Controller of Examinations through the Coordinator of online examinations of the college,.

4. The Department wise nodal officer shall educate the students on the registration process and examination procedures.

5. The Department wise nodal officer shall encourage the students to download the question papers and upload the answer scripts through online mode, as far as possible.

6. Question papers will be dispatched to the corresponding colleges to their official mail id 30 minutes before the commencement of the examination.

7. In case of any difficulty, the questions can be dispatched to students based on the nature of the request, through email or WhatsApp only.

8. The Coordinator of the online examinations of the college under emergencies shall accept the answer scripts submitted by students of their college or from other colleges.

9. The answer scripts of the examinations of the same day alone are to be accepted.

10.Answer script submitted by any person other than the student should not be accepted in any circumstances.

11.The submitted answer script packet should be checked for its completeness.

12.The university will provide an SMS/Mail link to download and install a mobile app to the Coordinator of Online exami cations of the college.

13.On accepting the answer script packet, the Coordinator of the college should scan the bar code from the front page pasted on the cover using the mobile app provided by the university. This mobile app will help to make attendance entry and acknowledgement for the students.

14.After submission of the bar code details provided in the app, the Coordinator of the online examination of the college shall put the original signature with the official seal in the photocopy of the front page of the answer script and return it to the student as an acknowledgment for having received the answer script packet.

For Further Clarification Contact:

1. Respective College Principal/Chief Superintendent/Co-Ordinator/Nodal Officer.

2. UG/PG Sections

Asst. Registrar- Tmt. Sundari (9942831001)

B.A. — 04622563126, Mr.M. Esakkimuthu, Supdt. (9488678574) B.Sc-04622563127, Tmt. Josephinel,Supdt. (8903726639)

Asst. Registrar — Tmt. Mabel Rajasekari (9442672293) B.Com-04622563135, Tmt. Visalatchi, Supdt. (9865246694) P.G.-04622563133, Tmt. A. Uma Maheswari, Jr.Asst. (9942592594) M.Phil-04622563133, Tmt. N.Devika, Jr.Asst. (8220136063)

3. Online

1. K. Madasamy- Sys.Programmer-9443424106

2. K. Palani Murugan —Sys. Programmer- 9487302483

3. P.M. Ganesh, Online- 8870879205

4. K. Muthu Krishnan, Online — 9597962068

4. Co-Ordination Section- 04622563121

1. A. Rajendran, A.R- 9486012253

2. S. Muthuarasan, Supdt- 9487651590.

5. Controller of Examinations — Dr. A. Suruliandi (9487902000)

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